Voice over IP is the new way to do telephony. Instead of using copper wires physically connected to your building or office, your telephone services are delivered over your Internet connection. VoIP services also include many features that are considered Premium or extra cost options using POTS or Plain Old Telephone System.


Some of the major advantages of VoIP over POTS are:

  • Lower costs
  • More calling features
    • Voice Mail
    • Voice Mail to email
    • Conference Bridges
    • Unified telephony
    • Find me/Follow me
    • IVR
    • Queues
  • Portability
  • Virtual numbers
  • Flexibility

coreFusion uses Asterisk for our VoIP PBX, we install, manage and maintain the entire system for you including configuration and set up of hard phones. We can even install phone sets for you in the Greater Toronto area. In addition to Asterisk for the PBX, we include Flash Operator Panel 2 (FOP2) which allows visual management of your sets, lines, conferences and queues.

We can supply new or refurbished phone sets from Cisco and we recommend softphones from Counterpath. For setting up and testing, we recommend the X-Lite softphone as it is free for you to use. For long term use, we recommend Bria for Windows, Mac, Linux,  iPhone and the new iPad version.

Using a VoIP solution can save you thousands of dollars per month, our own conversion saved us $1200 per month versus traditional telephony. Contact us today to learn how we did it and how much we can save you.

For more information, please use the form below, email us at sales@corefusion.com or call us at 1 (877) 829-6939

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